Port-Antonio harbours view



“ Finding romantic spots in Jamaica is easy. Finding a secret hideaway that offers a combination of tranquility, history, natural beauty and seclusion requires a bit more ingenuity..."     
Travel Assist Magazine

Considered to be the birthplace of Jamaica’s tourism, it was once the primary Jamaican destination for vacationing movie stars and famous politicians.  Clara Bow, Rudyard Kipling, Errol Flynn and Ginger Rogers, were early devotees, drawn by the exotic lure of the island’s banana trade.  By the way, Mrs. Errol Flynn (Patricia) is a next door neighbor to Great Huts!

One of our cave dwellings is named "Inn Like Flynn!"


Photos by Panache

Photos by Anthony Pidgeon


Port Antonio panoramic view.



Freanchman's Cove Beach

Winnifred beach. Lovely public beach with an authentic jamaican flavour.

Frenchman’s Cove, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.



Natural-seawater Pool
Chilling Out

Relax in our sea and spring fed Sea Pool

Relaxing at Boston Beach
Fabulous sun and moon risings best seen from the cliffs or from the vantage point of your bed.



Boston Beach, Jamaica
Rio Grande Rafting

The beautiful, clean and unspoiled  beach of Boston Bay.
Just adjoining our property.

Nearby rafting on the Rio Grande. Ten short miles to  great Port Antonio night life-Club Lanza, Roof Club, and Club Nautica. Reggae and dancing till 4 am.



Hiking on the Blue Mountains
Long-Bay Beach

Hiking, and rock scrambling on our property or off site adventures (white water rafting, overnight excursions to Blue Mountain Peak) with Carolyn Barrett . More about Port Antonio

The beautiful Long Bay Beach, 10 minutes from our resort



Scuba dive at The new Marina in Port Antonio

Reach Falls. 20 minutes from our resort

SCUBA diving lessons, certification and excursions available through Lady G'Diver at the new beautiful   Port Antonio Marina, where you can find also boat charter for deep sea fishing
Snorkeling, boating, fishing, surfing, on or adjacent to our property.


The map links to a flash map of Port Antonio and details much of the surrounding attractions.

Port Antonio Map
Great Huts, african village in Port Antonio  Jamaica