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Journey through the Chakras
Chakras are energy centers found along the spine,
they play a vital role in the way we human beings function 
Each chakra represents an aspect of consciousness,
and affects the relationship between the conscious and subconscious in all our behaviors.
Each day we will use the Asana, Meditation and techniques of Kundalini Yoga
to balance the chakras and strengthen the different aspects of the body, mind and self.




Mangal Jot Kaur


Kundalini Yoga

Yoga is a science of life, developed over thousands of years. It promotes health and happiness by working on the mind, body and spirit. Yoga originated in Africa - India, and has spread all around the world. It is not a religion. Yoga deals with universal truths and is therefore compatible with all faiths and none.

The Sanskrit word “yoga” means “union”. The ancient yogis practiced meditation to join their inner spirit with the spirit of the universe to become enlightened. Over the years, several distinct paths of yoga emerged, although they all ultimately lead to the same destination.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates breathing, stretching, meditation, relaxation, mantra and music. Sets of postures are based around a theme or focus and students work at their own pace throughout.

Kundalini Yoga helps you develop a relationship with your body (energy and feelings), your mind (patterns, games, emotions and issues) and spirit (heart, inner child and soul).
It is about you knowing, experiencing, trusting, understanding, supporting and taking care of you.

Working safely
It is important to realize that yoga is noncompetitive. Everyone works at their own level, pace and without strain. In yoga, we work smoothly with the breath and with concentration and awareness. General safety advice for postures will be given, but you must take responsibility for our own safety by listening to your body, respecting it and working within your limits.

Wear comfortable clothing and restrain from eating two hours before class, bring water.

Yoga promotes health, happiness and well-being, making you more flexible and relaxed.

Get something long lasting out of your holiday!
Recharge, Relax & Renew, Energize, De-Stress, Release Tension,
Bad Backs Program, Meditation and much more.
7 days a week between 7am and 7pm
Private class US$ 75 / Groups (more than one) US$ 95
To book or for more info
CLICK HERE OR call Mangal Jot Kaur: + 1 876 585 7994


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