Great Huts pledges to garner international recognition for these tenets of Afro-centricity, respect for nature, artistry in design and community service. Managers regularly discuss and evaluate these intentions with the staff — sharing responsibility for both successes and shortcomings — as they affirm their individual and collective devotion to the integrity of our products and services.

1) A vacation retreat where guests can feel safe, well cared for, relaxed and entertained.

2) A pastoral eco-system where animals, plants and rock formations are conserved through environmental protection and proper waste management.

3) A peaceful village that reflects the aesthetics, strengths and cultural integrity of a rural West African community.

4) A productive workplace whose workers look out for each other, learn new skills, and maximize their livelihood.

5) A wellspring of social action, rallying volunteers and funding to help the homeless of Port Antonio – cooperating with the Portland Rehabilitation Centre Management Group (PRM) – and to aid the elderly at the Port Antonio Infirmary (Alms House).

6) A place of learning, in collaboration with colleges and trade schools, where students can research professions in tourism, health care, social service and care for the elderly and homeless.

7) An open enrollment “campus” devoted to introducing visitors – local or international – to this island nation’s arts, culture and history through our Jamaican Arts Odyssey, Visions of Ethiopia (Rastafari), African History, Church Treasures, Jamaica Shalom and Cinema Paradise workshops, and to encourage visits to the capital city of Kingston at the heart of this wonderful culture.

8) A living memorial to the history and achievements of our ancestral African civilizations, and to the millions of black souls kidnapped from the Mother Continent and enslaved in the Caribbean and America


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